About Energy Passage

Energy Passage was founded by Tara Beck with the goal of helping others achieve optimal health and wellness through a variety of holistic methods.  Modern life has provided us with numerous conveniences, but in the race toward change, we seem to have forgotten the time-tested principles which helped our ancestors live healthier and happier lives.

Average life expectancy in the U.S. has increased gradually over the past 60 years, but obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, allergies, and other ailments are all rising at a shocking pace.  We may be living slightly longer lives now, but are we actually living healthier and more fulfilling lives?

Energy Passage provides information, advice, education, and services to reintroduce us to a healthier, happier, and more traditional way of living.

Tara Beck

Founder of Energy Passage

About Me

Tara began her study of energy healing and wellness 15 years ago when her son was diagnosed with significant neurological, developmental and gross/fine motor delays.  Getting only limited help from conventional medicine, she began an extensive search for alternative treatments. The intelligence and awareness in her son’s eyes were clearly apparent, and she knew that there was more to life for him than the grim outlook being presented by his doctors.  Such began a very special and life-altering journey that has blessed her and her family immensely.

Tara's diverse training in health and wellness includes:
Graduated from the Institute for Building Biology, a global organization dedicated to the study and application of techniques for creating healthy living environments.
Became a certified yoga instructor, specializing in sequences to target specific energies/chakras.
Completed training as a Reiki practitioner.
Graduated from the Eden Energy Medicine program and became a certified EEM practitioner.
Certified as an Eden Energy Medicine advanced instructor.
Appointed by Innersource as full-time Eden Energy Medicine faculty.

Tara now works in person with individual clients in the Austin, Texas area and remotely via videoconference with clients out of state.  She also loves to introduce others to the blessings of natural living by teaching classes and workshops to individuals, groups, corporations and schools on energy healing, yoga, stress reduction, organic cooking/nutrition, aromatherapy, eco-friendly practices, and maintaining healthy environments in our homes and offices.

Professional Training:

  • Eden Energy Medicine Faculty Member
  • Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner
  • Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Instructor
  • Innersource Faculty Member 
  • Reiki Level 2
  • 200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Graduate, Institute of Building Biology
  • B.S., Psychology