Energy Passage was founded to promote health and wellness through simple, safe, and natural methods.  We know that lives can be changed with the thoughtful application of time-proven techniques such as energy medicine, yoga, reiki, nutrition and other related fields.

What is Energy Medicine?

"Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down." - Donna Eden

Client Testimonials

  • The first time I came to see Tara, I had had several tests, MRI’s, blood work, etc…with no diagnosis or treatment plan. Actually my doctor recommended yoga which is how I met her. At that first appointment, my foot started tingling (like it often did inexplicably) and became hot and red. Tara kept working on it until it stopped. I couldn’t believe it. After two more appointments, it stopped completely. I wish I found her years ago.

    Susan T.
  • Tara helped me move past the fear of my diagnosis. Her kindness and confidence in me and my ability to heal, was vital to my recovery. I finally felt in control of my health and knew I could change it for the better. And I did!

    Jen B.
  • Through my work with Tara I have realized how much extra and unneeded energy I have carried my whole life. This energy has attributed to anxiety and various other systemic issues. I believe, with my whole heart, that the service she provides is life changing- especially if you are committed to the “homework.” I am now doing some of the pressure points on my kids and pray over them while I do. It is a very bonding and healing experience. Many thanks to sweet Tara.

    Kerri M.
  • Tara is a wonderfully talented energy healer who radiates love and joy and warmth. Her extensive knowledge of how energy moves through the body coupled with her natural intuition allows her to detect and resolve energy imbalances that are causing pain, illness or other stresses in the body. Tara has helped me successfully release pain in my hips and joints. I leave her sessions not only with less pain but also feeling more grounded and relaxed. It is nice to be able to move again!

    Sandy S.
  • I have suffered from migraines for years. Tara puts a cold pack on my head and then holds points on my body and I can literally feel the pain drain down my legs and go out my feet. Nothing has been able to stop a migraine like that ever.

    Gina W.
  • I love my sessions with Tara. I usually fall asleep and feel so relaxed and at the same time energized. These session have helped me release anxiety and tension and feel more like myself, centered and calm.

    Ann M.

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